Are you a citizen, organization, foundation, company or other entity with the belief that land should be stewarded in an ecological just way and that the food we grow and eat should be healthy and nourishing?

Are you looking for an opportunity to donate in a project that works for a sustainable future?

Will you be glad to know that your donation gives farmers the chance to create agroecological food systems and healthy food?

ALPA can offer you this opportunity.

The future of land in Romania is a common concern, though mostly a plan/project to build in common. Creating access to land for new-entrants will result in:

  • - safeguarding the land outside the commodity market and in hands of people in rural communities;
  • - stewardship of land in an agroecological manner, through small-scale agriculture and nature regeneration;
  • - giving young people the opportunity to live in the country side and re-energizing the rural landscape;
  • - starting/continuing to produce accessible healthy and nutritious food for all

You can donate

  • - Money: your donation will be used to buy land and farms. These properties will be owned by the organisation and stewarded by ALPA farmers in an environmentally conscious way-i.e. agroecological farming.

  • - Land: your land will become part of the lands stewarded by ALPA. You will be ensured that it will not be sold again and will be farmed with ecological principles with focus on increasing biodiversity.

  • - Farm houses: Your buildings will become part of the ALPA properties and give a farmer the possibility to live and work, create a healthy environment, a vibrant rural community and nutritious food.

Please click below to donate through Paypal or contact us to make a donation through internet banking using our company bank account.

Official name of organization: Asociația ALPA – Acces la Pământ pentru Agroecologie
RON currency IBAN account: RO98BTRLRONCRT0660709901
EURO currency IBAN account: RO48BTRLEURCRT0660709901
Bank name: Banca Transilvania
Bank agency name: Huedin
Bank address: Str. Horea, Nr. 2, HUEDIN, Cluj county, Romania