It is time to save land for Agroecology!

ALPA is about earth, land, people, farming and health.

ALPA supports (future) farmers

who wish to maintain and develop Romania’s agroecological human scale agriculture.

ALPA secures land and farms

through donations and rents them to human-scale agroecological farmers.

ALPA creates the possibility

for farmers, donors and citizens to work together in securing the local production of healthy food to feed the people, while taking great care of the natural environment.

ALPA is created as a result of the work of the Land Rights Working group of Eco Ruralis, while constantly guided by the European Access to Land Network and also supported through the Ashoka Romania Localizer Program.

ALPA is officially registered as a Non-Profit Organisation based in Romania.


Access to Land

To ethically acquire land and farms or gain management rights for land in order to provide access to these to small agroecological farmers and peasants.



To promote agroecological farming practices through the facilitation of trainings as well as to support a growing network of agroecological training centers.


Nature protection

To protect the natural environment and the exceptionally high biodiversity of plants, animals and heterogeneity of socio-ecological landscapes in Romania.


Local circular economies

To provide jobs in rural areas, protect the common lands, connect local food producers with local food consumers and support the resilience of vibrant communities.



To facilitate access to information about national and EU-regulation and funding opportunities as well as training and education in farm management and agroecological food production.

ALPA founders

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Brândușa Birhala

Brandusha has masters degrees both in Environmental Governance and Rural Development. She puts her knowledge where her heart is: by working for ALPA and Eco ruralis and by her active membership in ASAT (give website), the Romanian CSA (community supported agriculture) movement. Besides her support of initiatives both national and international, she has been inspired to engage in farming as a newcomer and is creating edible merchandise for markets in Stanciova, a village close to Timisoara.

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Lars Veraart

Lars is a trained veterinarian from The Netherlands who made the powerful choice to change and became a peasant in Transylvania. He is co-founder of Provision, an example farm and center for Agroecology and NonViolence. Lars believes that reconnecting to the land and the soil has far reaching positive effects, on personal, regional and global levels.

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Attila Szocs

Attila has a masters in Environmental Engineering in Agriculture. He is passionate about the envi-ronmentally and socially fair use of agricultural land. Through his work at Eco Ruralis he has been responsible for coordinating research and creating transparency about the situation of land in Romania. The wish for human safety and subsistence, fueled by his knowledge and global vision, lead him to oppose land grabbing and to support access to land for small farmers and agroecological food producers.